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Everything about the pastoral Xahakoa to be played this summer in Barcus, nothing better than going to the site It is the product of the association that organizes Etxahun pastoral and anime since 1962, the Basque cultural life Barcus.

Browsing through this beautiful site, to the credit of Joanes Etxebarria, a young journalist Barcus, we'll know everything about the theme of pastoral Xahakoa and it is even possible to download the full text. Recall that the author of the pastoral is Patrick Quéheille 'Kanpo', also barkoxtar pure sugar. You can also find on this site photographs of rehearsals taking place since the beginning of the year under the direction of the Errejent (director-in-scene) Jean-Fabien Léchardoy.

The association with Etxahun at heart to connect the generations of players of Basque culture in Barcus, twenty photographs and pastoral masquerades performed by the village are also online.

The expression of Basque culture in Barcus and all of the Soule is also the subject of specific developments and oh so interesting.

Finally - and this is very important because the number of spectators for each of the three performances will be limited to 2,000 - it will be possible to purchase tickets online via this website then. The procedure is explained very simply. A laudable initiative for all lovers of pastoral care - and they are many! - Living more or less far from the Soule. So for all the reasons outlined above, please click on

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