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Jean-Louis Davant is one of two sitting Basque academicians  - euskaltzain oso - representing the Soule in the Euskaltzaindia or Academy of the Basque Language. The other sitting academician is  Txomin Peillen. Soule is also represented by an honorary academician - ohorezko euskaltzain - in the person of  Junes CASENAVE , and two assistant academicians - euskaltzain urgazle - namely Battittu Coyos and JakesSARRAILLET .

 According to a rule established some years ago by the Euskaltzaindia, Jean-Louis Davant is euskaltzain emeritu or Basque emeritusAcademician since July 5, 2010. It was at that time there he celebrated his 75th birthday. Becoming euskaltzain emeritu not detract from the prerogatives of academic full-service, he may attend meetings of the Euskaltzaindia, but has no moral obligation to do so, he retains the right to vote, but in case of absence, can not give power to another euskaltzain.

 Also according to the regulations established by the Euskaltzaindia, the fact that Jean-Louis Davant has become euskaltzain emeritu requires the appointment of another full Basque Academician  to represent the Soule in the Basque Language Academy. This appointment will be made after the next month of October .

 In the meantime, we may express our greatest gratefulness to Jean-Louis Davant for all the work he has done in the service of the Basque language, since his appointment in Euskaltzaindia in 1975, and before as a writer of pastorals, books, collections of poems, and many other things. From my heart, thank you, Jean-Louis, and continue for a long time to keep the Basque language and Souletin dialect  alive. The euskara badly need people like you.

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