Mascarade des anciens éléves de l'Ikastola
Telesforo Monzon
Eüskararen egüna


Souscription Junes

Here is an image to illustrate a way of writing from old time

Thumbnail imageBy the way, because it is an opportunity, the spelling of the Basque language of Soule is fixed. It follows the recommendations of "the Academy of the Basque language" for the writing of the unified Basque ( - Arauak). However, there were some points to be cleared up.

Teachers and writers of the Basque language of Soule, full of willingness, we met us together, four times in the  Multidepartments Center of Mauléon at the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, to study these various points. The list of the participants is joined at the end of the attached report(Xiberotarraren ortografia)

We've decided that is the best way of writing Basque language of Soule, mostly according to the most comun way of pronunciating in Soule. Of course, it's remained some items, not yet well studied, according to the fact that speaking and writing are different, whereas they moreless seem to be similar.

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