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Autour de Panpeia ETXEBARNE, quelques animateurs de SÜ AZIAWishing you first  all our best wishes for the year 2011, we just inform you that the book “Aita artzain sen” in Basque language of Xiberoa, adapted by Jean-Pierre (Panpeia) ETXEBARNE has been published.

This famous book, written by Robert LAXALT and published the first time in 1957 under the title "Sweet Promised Land”, has been adjusted twice in French - the last time in 2009 - under the title “Mon père était berger” and was also published twice in Euskara batua.


He had so far never been adapted in Basque language of Xiberoa, while Dominique LAXALT whose son Robert narrates his sheperd's life in the United States and his brief return home, was a native of Soule, specifically Laguinge-Restoue . Panpeia ETXEBARNE's work fills this gap.


If you wish to purchase this book, you can find it on sale, priced at 20 euros, in a number of stores: the local product store 'Herri Ekoizpenak' in Mauleon, Intermarché and the library Irrintzina in Chéraute, Elkar Megadenda in Bayonne, among others.


You can also get it by coming directly to the local Su Azia, the first floor of the Maison du Patrimoine (Heritage House) in Mauleon, where we will be pleased to discuss with you verbally.

Thanking you in anticipation for the welcome that you will do to this work, and we reiterate best wishes for the new year, we send you our euskaldun's greetings.

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