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Eüskararen egüna


Souscription Junes

June 25 was a day where the Basque language was particularly honored in Mauleon-Licharre (Maule-Lextarre), capital of the province of Soule (Xiberoa)

Thumbnail imageThumbnail imageIn the morning the Bask Academy  - Euskaltzaindia - greeted at a formal ceremony  as a full-académician, a son of Maule-Lextarre, the linguist Battittu Coyos, whose speech had the theme "two dichotomies of the Basque language ", namely between" new Basque speakers "and" Basque by birth "and between the Bask dialects  and  unified bask language" euskara batua ".

Thumbnail imageJohañe SARRAILLET eta Ibai CAPOT-THORNARY koblak emaitenThat same day, the association Xiberoan Euskaraz Bai (in Soule, in Bask language), a continuation of the action is awareness for several months with the public - and specifically economic sectors and associations - had organized day of the Bask language, Euskararen Eguna. This festive meeting, was organized by twenty associations from Xiberoa (Soule), demonstrated by a beautiful day and a great success attendance, the Bask language in Soule - Euskara - is present and must grow for being really an ongoing social and essential vector;

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